Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The 7 Steps Idiot's Guide For Camping...

If you are tired of all the “rules” you have to follow when going camping or adventure trip, this article is for you! Here 7 super easy ways you can break the rules and ruin a camping/adventure trip…have fun!

1: Don’t Secure Your Food Items - Bears And Other Wild Animals Are Too Scared Of You To Bother Your Food
People who tell you to store your food out of the reach of wild animals have just been reading too many westerns. As all normal people know, bears, borodungal and other wild animals are very scared of people - no wild animal is going to venture into your camp to steal your food. So save yourself the trouble, and just pile your food on the ground outside your tent. (But make sure yr food sealed and covered all the time...Tikus hutan and Langau/lalat can make your trip upside down - stomach ache. Pur jungle are difference from the western wilderness)

2: Pack Everything You Might Possibly Want - Packing Light Is For Wimps
Ever heard the advice to “pack light” when you’re going camping Humph - that proverb is only for total wimps. Any real outdoorsman is tough enough to pack everything he needs or wants to his campsite. So go ahead and load up - you want plenty of beer and games so you can have fun, right?:p especially we Sabahan dude! one can't live without it!

3: Don’t Worry About Campfire Safety - That Stupid Smokey Bear And 'Borodungal' Will Keep Your Fire From Getting Out Of Control?
Please, get real! Campfires aren’t dangerous - you can just leave them and they will burn out without harming anything at all. Every camper knows THAT! So go ahead and fire up a nice big bonfire, sit back, and bring out the beer. Opss, tajau anyone?;p

4: Don’t Spend Too Much Time Picking Your Camping Spot - Your Sleeping Bag Will Keep You From Feeling Any Rocks And Sticks
Once you get to your chosen campsite, just get your tent pitched quickly and start having fun. You don’t need to remove sticks or stones before you pitch your tent, either. Any decent sleeping bag will provide plenty of padding so you can’t feel what is under your tent.

5: Don’t Read The Rules Or Signs Where You Are Camping - All The Park Rangers Are Home Asleep At Night
If you really want to get the best possible camping spot, just go pick one! Don’t worry about or even read the laws or signs - they will just cramp your style. All the park rangers are home asleep anyways, so they’ll never see you. Besides, you could just tell them you didn’t see the sign. That's what Sabahan do to have fun man...;p

6: Don’t Pack Drinking Water Or A Water Purifier - You Can Just Drink Right From The Creek
Pssst. In case you haven’t heard, the idea that creeks aren’t safe to drink from was a myth started by the communists back during the Cold War. Haha. It’s just not true - you don’t need to purify water - just drink right from the creek and you’ll be fine. Water purifiers are too expensive anyway.

7: Don’t Pack A Tent Fly Or Groundcloth - All Tents Are Water PROOF!
As anyone knows, tents are made of plastic, which is waterproof. Hence, do not buy a fly or groundcloth for your tent - those are just ways for the tent companies to make extra money off of you. You’ll stay perfectly dry and comfortable with your tent - no tent fly or groundcloth needed.

How else could you have this much fun?
So, yeh…follow these rules and have fun.
(P/s: Risks are totally on your own!;p)

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wah... hobi ko kah camping ni? Sia lama udah tia pi camping oh. Macam since sekolah menengah lagi.

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